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Sep 26, 2018

Today we’ll be talking about the very Mexican tradition of el Día de Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Olivia Zavala is going to tell us more about this renown and yet mysterious day and what it means for her and Mexican people all over the world. Get each episode weekly by subscribing on Spotify or wherever you get...

Sep 19, 2018

Today’s guest, Rafael Suárez Rosa, has moved a lot around Spain following his childhood dream of becoming a professional football player. Get each episode weekly by subscribing on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. To start learning Spanish, download Memrise at

Sep 12, 2018

Today’s episode is a story about Argentina, its language and the men who speak it, and, in particular, our guest today, Fernando Sdrigotti. Fernando is from Rosario, Argentina, he’s the writer of Triptico, a collection of short stories, Shetlag, a novel, and Dysfunctional Males, another collection of short stories....

Sep 5, 2018

In today’s episode we have Ángela Garcia Achalandabaso. Angie is the Senior Spanish language specialist here at Memrise, she’s from Palencia, Spain. Angie moved to the UK a few years back, and today she’s going to tell us about the one thing she would have loved to bring with her when she left Spain: tapas!